Solid writing is good. Great storytelling is better.

Hi, I’m Melissa — I’m ready to tell your story.

Through more than 20 years of professional experience, I’ve solidified my skills in research and writing and narrowed my focus to great storytelling. Whether it’s a national magazine article or a company’s annual report, I’ve found the key to engaging readers is in identifying the best story and telling it well.

The people and places I cover come alive on the pages of regional and national publications. With background as a business reporter, I convert complex business ideas into reader-friendly stories. And my adventures in parenting become stories for national publications and my own blog.

I’m a magazine writer creatively covering travel, features and profiles for publications like Parenting and New Mexico Magazine. I’m also a corporate writer developing compelling content for newsletters, annual reports, magazines and websites of organizations including St. Pius X High School, Thelma Domenici & Associates, the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority.

I keep an eye on the technological world blogging about Digital Suburbia and what it takes to raise kids in it.

Ready to tell your story? Contact me now at or call 505.504.5791.